N95 medical mask (Respirator) applied for gardening work, industrial produce work, pet grooming, nail shop, kitchen, cleaning work, scientific inspection, outing, travel, shopping, kitchen and many other uses.

N95 medical grade face mask (Respirator) good for protecting dust, pollen, smoke and etc

N95 medical grade face mask could provide protection,the cotton mask protects you from dust, wind, pollution, smoke, etc

How to wear N95 medical mask?

How to wear N95 medical mask?

1, Unfold the mask/Respirator with both hands.
2, With the mask against your chin, pull the ear strap behind your ear.
3, Adjust the mask and ear straps to feel as comfortable as possible.
4, Place both hands and fingers in the middle of the metal clip, while pressing inward, move the fingertips along the nose clip to both sides until the nose clip is fully pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose.

Notice: Using only one hand to pinch the mask nose clip may affect the tightness of the mask.

What is the advantages of N95 medical mask/Respirator?

  • PM2.5 Anti-Dust Anti-pollen Allergy . 4 layer ideal to protect your mouth and face from Dust, Haze, Germs, Allergies,Smoke,Pollution,Ash, Pollen,Gardening,Crafts.
  • Comfortable material with not rub your face.Reduce the viral infection in crowd Light and Non bulky, fabric based. Comfort wear, elastic fasteners with latch-on clip.

What the customers said about N95 medical masks

” Recommended, it is disposable face mask with the metal piece to adjust on the nose, The company offer quality disposable face mask with box from China factory, it is 3-Ply thick non-woven, middle layer is meltblown, and approved by FDA & CE. And shipping will take about 5-9 days after order. “

” N95 masks are made in the US, KN95 masks are generally made in China. They aren’t fake, they are just made overseas in different countries. Europe, and United Kingdom also sell KN95 masks. We can’t mass produce these needed masks like other countries can, they are valid masks if you follow the news daily. Our president has even stated the use of overseas masks have been allowed. Hope that helps! “

Where can buy N95 medical mask with factory price?

There are many reliable mask manufacturers from China, they offers KN95 masks, not N95 masks, that is true, and less mask manufacturers have CE certificate, 100% mask manufacturer doesn’t have FDA certificate, so please don’t ask them whether the mask has FDA certificate.

China KN95 medical masks manufacturers lists:

1, Onlineedrugs.com

onlineedrugs medical masks

This company offers disposable face mask, including N90/N95 medical/surgical face mask, medical thermometer and more medical supplies to fight the coronavirus epidemic.